Six months ago Liberty Collins was advancing in her career at a prosperous marketing firm and dreaming of a bright future. Now the only thing darker than her nightmares is reality. In a socially, and economically, collapsed America, Liberty struggles to find the courage to endure, and the strength to protect herself. Her faith, constitution, and sanity are challenged as the lines that separate right from wrong grow increasingly blurry.
Connor Dunstan was a thriving personal injury attorney with a comfortable life and a deeply-buried past. As the country crumbles and provisions dissipate, the survival of Connor and his unforgiving niece, Ashley, rests on his ability to trust someone other than himself.
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Perseverance Series

With the help of retired Special Forces Commander, Connor Dunstan, and his spirited daughter, Ashley, the dauntless Liberty Collins has managed to survive the post-apocalyptic nightmare America has become. Now, the trio has joined forces with remnants of the United States Army. Their challenge is to aid and defend survivors dominated  
by a rogue military force called the Progression. As the Progression’s child soldiers ravage the countryside, the outcome threatens to be catastrophic for the diminished US forces.  Faced with deception, treachery and insurmountable odds, Liberty and Connor forgo the security of the Army and charge into enemy territory. Will their newly-formed trust in each other survive the trials they must face to succeed? Or, will personal tragedy and their feelings for one another derail their objective?​ ​
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Now that winter camp is over, it's back to reality for the group. They will struggle to maintain their friendships amidst dysfunctional families, fading friendships, secret romances, and escalating peer pressure. To make matters worse, two runaways wreak havoc on Tacoma and the Green Hills teens. 

​Trials will come, the past will resurface, and friendships will be tested. In the end there will be blood, fear, and pain.

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Chronicles of the Broken Series

Six witnesses ... One deadly fall. No one will ever be the same. 

Football jock Marcus Wilson had big plans for winter break, and they didn't include being stuck in a cabin at some bogus camp. But, when Marcus' temper explodes, he's forced to do just that. Camping with a neurotic gamer, a reclusive goth, ​ a pathological liar, and an aspiring drummer is bad enough, but he also has the misfortune of dealing with some wanna-be hero who's hell-bent on "saving" him. So, Marcus does what any rational person would do and makes a run for it, only to find himself dangling above a chasm with no ground in sight. Now his survival rests in the hands of the very people he bailed on. Will Marcus live long enough to regret the way he treated them? What secrets await at the bottom of the chasm?
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Liberty's Hope

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Rescuing Liberty

Overwhelmed by grief, destructive secrets, paralyzing fears, and allies with questionable motives, a group of friends is forsaken by the ones they love most. 

Jessica’s worst nightmare has become an unsettling reality. The most important person in her world has died, and her emotionally unavailable father slips deeper into his alcohol-induced stupor. ​
Olivia can’t imagine life without her brother, the only person who’s ever truly cared about her. But when Carlos is shot in a botched drug deal and left to die, she might have to. 
Will the group be able to rebuild their relationships?  Or will it take a miracle for them to trust again?
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