Dial L for Linda

Mariani Crime Family Series

Linda & Lynda Detective Agency Series

Tracey Jane Jackson & Amanda Washington

Six months ago Liberty Collins was advancing in her career at a prosperous marketing firm and dreaming of a bright future. Now the only thing darker than her nightmares is reality. In a socially, and economically, collapsed America, Liberty struggles to find the courage to endure, and the strength to protect herself. Her faith, constitution, and sanity are challenged as the lines that separate right from wrong grow increasingly blurry.
Connor Dunstan was a thriving personal injury attorney with a comfortable life and a deeply-buried past. As the country crumbles and provisions dissipate, the survival of Connor and his unforgiving niece, Ashley, rests on his ability to trust someone other than himself.
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Rescuing Liberty

Perseverance Series

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Making Angel

Despite their economic and social differences, Addison Allen and Harley James have been inseparable since sixth grade. But when Harley is arrested for the murder of her ex-boss, prison bars threaten to be the one thing that finally comes between them. 
The body left on Harley’s doorstep proves to be too problematic for even Addison’s enormous bank account, forcing the duo to roll up their sleeves and search for the murderer themselves. Working to prove Harley’s innocence brings out an unexpected passion for investigating a knack for uncovering the buried truth.
However, their freshly-acquired skills propel them into a dangerous new world full of lies, secrets, and quite possibly…romance. 
Will they be able to keep Harley out of jail? 
Or will they lose their hearts, and maybe even their lives, in the process? 

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Liberty's Hope

Amanda Washington

Bodyguard and hitman, Franco “Bones” Leone, has survived mafia life in the most powerful Las Vegas family by adamantly adhering to the rules: 
- Be willing to sacrifice everything and everyone for the safety of your charge. 
- Allow no distractions and keep no liabilities. 
- Show no weaknesses. 
- Most importantly, always fulfill your contract. 
Everything was going as planned until Ariana Davis almost died in his arms. Burdened with a past full of mistakes, a dream of singing professionally, and an empty bank account, she’s a complication Bones doesn’t need. 
When a mysterious player from his past alters the game, Bones will have to make the toughest decision of his life. Break all the rules, or lose everything.

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Heir to a powerful Las Vegas crime family, D’Angelo Mariani’s survival depends on his ability to prove his value to his father. Forced out of the technology lab and into the underworld, Angel is on the brink of pulling off the impossible when he runs into a captivating humanitarian who changes everything. 
Markie Davis is all about compassion, service, and the ultimate adrenaline rush. After a year-long stint volunteering in an African orphanage, she’s in Vegas to check up on her wayward little sister. Markie never anticipated meeting someone like Angel. 
Everyone knows Angel's family is dangerous, but the secrets Markie's been keeping might just be fatal…

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Breaking Bones

With the help of retired Special Forces Commander, Connor Dunstan, and his spirited daughter, Ashley, the dauntless Liberty Collins has managed to survive the post-apocalyptic nightmare America has become. Now, the trio has joined forces with remnants of the United States Army. Their challenge is to aid and defend survivors dominated  
by a rogue military force called the Progression. As the Progression’s child soldiers ravage the countryside, the outcome threatens to be catastrophic for the diminished US forces.  Faced with deception, treachery and insurmountable odds, Liberty and Connor forgo the security of the Army and charge into enemy territory. Will their newly-formed trust in each other survive the trials they must face to succeed? Or, will personal tragedy and their feelings for one another derail their objective?​ ​
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